Digital Mosquito Killer Lamp

Electrical outlet:USB
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1. Multi-band frequency conversion lamp bead combination to lure mosquitoes
2. Intelligent display screen, displaying power
3. Two-in-one mosquito control outdoor camping lamp
4. Third gear adjustment
5. Mountaineering buckle, easy to hang
6. IPX5 waterproof
7.2000 V instantaneous voltage, efficient mosquito control
8. Reinforced mesh cover, safety design, safe use for children
9. Transparent storage box, visible mosquito storage box, and mosquito traps

Product information:

Product category: Mosquito Lamp
Color: White, Black
Mesh material: aluminum mesh
Charging time: 1-3 hours
Shell material: ABS
Product size: 103 * 103 * 168mm
Raw material composition: ABS+aluminum

Packing list:

Mosquito killing lamp * 1 charging cable * 1 manual * 1 small brush * 1

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